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Infrastructure Group, incorporating Leisure Economy and Tourism

This group looks at everything to do with resources that are available to, or required by the residents of Burwash, Burwash Weald and Common.

These resources are typically:

·        Doctors surgery

·        Schools and further education

·        Car parking

·        Community buildings

·        Footpaths, cycling and roads including safety

·        Public transport, including buses, trains and taxi services

·        Businesses and tourist attractions including accommodation and employment

·        Shops and High Street retail outlets including our three public houses, The Wheel Inn, The Rose and Crown and The Bear

·        Utilities – electricity, gas, water, waste water, telephone and broadband and Wi-Fi

·        Playing fields, sports and public open spaces

The Infrastructure working group

The group consists of a team of enthusiastic volunteers who are seeking to maintain and improve the infrastructure as a whole in the parish of Burwash and to avoid further decline.   The group is led by Leslie Elmslie and meetings are chaired by David George.


The group is looking at the existing infrastructure with a view to determining if it meets present needs. The group is also looking at future requirements and potential over the next 5+ years especially if the village expands with additional housing and businesses. For example, at the moment car parking is a major concern in Burwash village as it is at capacity and lack of ability to expand the number of spaces may inhibit regeneration or growth. The group’s overall findings will be used to construct a detailed Infrastructure Assessment which will form part of the Neighbourhood Plan, once approved by the Parish Council.

If you would like to give us your views on any of the issues listed above or have a particular issue that is impacting what you do or would like to do in the village, then please email us at New members of the group are always welcome and we would encourage participation from as wide a spectrum of people as possible. Just email us as above with your contact details and someone will get in touch with you.

Our documents

The group is carrying out research, entering into discussion with stakeholders and providing the Infrastructure Assessment. It meets roughly once a fortnight and meetings are minuted. Minutes will soon be available on this web site.

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