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Environment Group


This group’s focus is on how to protect, preserve and enjoy the beautiful countryside and precious natural environment of Burwash, Burwash Weald and Burwash Common – all set within the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

Please take the time to complete our biodiversity survey

Members of the group have been meeting every two weeks to put together supporting information for the Neighbourhood Plan to meet the following objectives:



1)    To protect and enhance our open and local green spaces.

2)    To conserve and protect our distinctive natural landscape features which contribute to a sense of place and community.

3)    To improve the safety and quality of footpaths and bridleways.

4)    To protect the farm land in our three villages.

5)    To conserve and enhance the ecosystem and biodiversity.

6)     To protect our dark skies by minimising light pollution.

7)    To protect and conserve the environment by minimising air pollution.

8)    To protect and respect the setting and views into and out of the AONB rural environment.


Our work overlaps with and complements the other two groups with the aim of ensuring that initiatives within the Neighbourhood Plan are consistent with the above objectives.

The Environment working group and how you can become involved

The group is led by Andrew Mann with around 8 members who bring a range of interests and knowledge, but above all, passion for the special beauty of the three villages and their landscape. Meetings take place every two weeks and new members are very welcome to join in or just to attend to find out more.


If you have suggestions to make, would like to know more, or come along to the next meeting please send an email to:


The more ideas we can generate from as wide a range of age groups and viewpoints, the more relevant our plan for the future of Burwash Parish and the people who are lucky enough to live here.

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